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1. NNPC / ADDAX Scholarships




5.Shell Undergraduate Scholarships for Nigerian Students [SEE DETAILS]

6.  MTN Foundation Scholarships  for Nigerian Students

7. Nigeria Women Association of Georgia (NWAG) Undergraduate Female Students Scholarship

8. Nigerian Agip Oil Company (NAOC) Undergraduate Scholarships



11. BAT Iseyin Agronomy (BATIA) Undergraduate Scholarship

12. ONGOING: BEA Awards for Nigerians to Study Abroad, 2017/2018 -APPLY

13. SNEPco National Merit University Award Scheme

14. 2017/2018 Fully Funded Scholarships – APPLY NOW


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Thursday, 25 May 2017


It’s simple: We don’t chase after things we have no desire to obtain. Therefore, our pursuit of anything is ample proof of valid desire. But desire alone doesn’t bring success. We must have a clearly defined strategy.

Defining a successful strategy is one of the most challenging exercises a man faces. Even Jesus warned of this process in Luke 14:28-30 (NIV):

“Suppose one of you wants to build a tower. Won’t you first sit down and estimate the cost to see if you have enough money to complete it? For if you lay the foundation and are not able to finish it, everyone who sees it will ridicule you, saying, ‘This person began to build and wasn’t able to finish.”

God leads us in steps, not by leaps. Most men want to jump into their success, yet a “leap of faith” is not a biblical concept. If we’re going to fulfill our purpose, we must take steps to do it.

Here are five important steps you can take now to fulfill your purpose.

Step 1

You must decide for yourself what is worthy of your pursuit. No one else should decide for you. You may receive counsel from others, but you should make the decision; otherwise you will be unfulfilled in your pursuit. There are countless stories of men who achieved great success yet remained unfulfilled because they were living another person’s dream.

Step 2

Go to your Source to understand your potential. God spoke to the land and said, “Produce!” He spoke to the seas and said, “Teem with creatures!” He spoke to Himself and said, “Let Us create man!” Only God has a complete understanding of why you were created and what your potential is. You may have a hint or a glimpse of this understanding, but you will never know complete fulfillment until you fully know the Source of your potential.


Step 3

Write down on paper or develop a vision board of every dream, goal or desire that is important to you. Write down anything you want to become, do or possess. This is extremely important. I’ve learned that what I have received from God requires me to write it down so I can repeat it often and closely guard the accuracy of the goal He has given me.

Step 4

Narrow your focus to the top three pursuits. After you’ve written down what you want to become, do or possess, develop actions steps you can take now to create momentum toward those things. The big vision will come from a series of small decisions.

Step 5

Be aware that God will network you with others to help you get where you are going. People are God’s hands on this earth. You may find two different types of people will come into your life—one a person you have the ability to help, the other a person who has the ability to help you. Recognizing and discerning these people is vital.

You will never achieve your purpose in life unless you become strategically motivated to pursue it. Make plans right now to get alone with God, pursue Him and listen for His affirming voice to clearly define your purpose, write it down, develop action steps and get moving.

For the original article, Fivestarman was founded in 2008 by Neil KennedyKennedy has passionately promoted God’s Word for 25-plus years of ministry. He is known for practically applying biblical principles that elevate people to a new level of living. As a business, church, ministry and life consultant, Kennedy has helped others strategize the necessary steps to reach their full potential.

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Sunday, 21 May 2017


Do you know that colleges and universities are using automated assessment tools to measure student’s performance and strategies to enhance it. 

Standard tests don’t measure student performance

Educators are experiencing almost relentless pressure to show their effectiveness. They are looking for deep insights that gauge performance and inspire effort. Most institutions judge a student success on the basis of student performance on standardized achievement tests. 

The assessment mission

Student assessment is an important academic activity to evaluate student’s performance. Educators are seeking to understand how to use assessment tools not just to measure performance but also determine whether students are competent to handle program of study in an effort to encourage students to pursue knowledge instead of grades.

Accurate assessments improve student achievement

Technology-enabled assessment system for testing, quizzing, polling, and student responses drastically reduces the time taken for assessment and evaluation and eliminates errors, while bringing transparency and reliability to the various assessment processes. Instructors and faculties can evaluate the assessments from anywhere, anytime in a highly secure environment. Eliminate errors, inaccuracy and endless delays in paper-based valuation and student result management becomes very fast and reduces the workload of staff significantly. 

Right strategies, right digital tools for assessments & grading

Assessment tools allow faculty and staff to be efficient and productive. Manage all type of assessment activities at all stages, from course registration and question generation to processing of results and statistical reports on student performance. The examination management system allows you to: create various exam types, configure exam rules, generate exam invoice, manage venue and faculty availability, enter grades, process results and grade sheets.

Analyzing assessments & grading with rubric tools

In order to effectively measure the effectiveness of your online assessments you need to evaluate student’s learning and academic performance. How to do that? Configure the criteria that must be present in the student’s work in any level including assignments, quizzes or tests. Automatic calculation of grades for different assessment types using rubric tools make the task easier and productive for faculty and staff. Eliminate the repetitive and inefficient aspects of grading papers. Using assessment tools, configure and customize grading scales. Automatically generate grade sheets or transcripts which allow students and parents to access from anywhere. 

Promote learning & support great educational leadership

Customized reports with statistics and charts on assessment results showing automatically assigned ranks will help institutions sail through the assessment process. Powerful data-driven insights enable educators to analyze student performance and what they need to improve learning and teaching, and establish norms for great educational leadership.

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Sunday, 26 February 2017


Real money is not the paper money people use. Rather, real money is the value for which that paper money is exchanged. Paper money is just a means of exchanging values with ease, it's not the real money.

The absence of paper money is not what makes a person poor. Real money is actually invisible, it is the value or worth attached to a thing which is determined by its use-ability and rarity.

When God created the world He didn't have paper money as a start-up capital. He created things which can be seen out of things which cannot be seen (His internal value/worth) see Hebrews 11:3.

Since real money is value or worth of a thing or idea, the question now is: How do I build value/worth so as to attract more paper money with which to make exchange for other values I desire?

The greatest value on earth is in human beings; not in the best cars and best airplanes or gold mines of  South Africa. That's why God so loved the world (of human beings, not things) and He gave His son for the world.

When we work on building the value/worth we  possess within, we are are actually creating REAL MONEY.


Your job is what they pay you to do, your work is what you were created to do.
Your job is your skill, your work is your gift.
You can retire from your job but you cannot retire from your work because it is your gift.

WORK= Become yourself

Your work is your purpose.
An apple seed is meant to become an apple tree.

Your work is the source of your vision.
Your work is your purpose. Your work is the source of your vision.

Vision is purpose in pictures.

Purpose is more powerful than plans.
Purpose proceeds plans.
Many are the plans in a man's heart but the purpose of God shall prevail.

  • The first priority of the male is his work.
  • Work is more important than woman in a man.
  • God gave the male work before a woman.
  • Your worth is in your work. the male's value is in his work not in the woman he is living with. 
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Thursday, 29 September 2016


Just like I said in the part two of this discourse, I shall use the storyline of the Israelites' movement from Egypt to the Promised Land to illustrate the importance of having a destination, following guidelines and instructions to be able to make the most of life's opportunities and as well reach our destination in good shape and good time. I started this discourse as a result of a trend I noticed on social media whereby renowned and respected thought leaders were a kind of questioning what I would call principles relating to how some church ministries and ministers of the Gospel have been operating of recent. These said principles, I believe has helped/brought them thus far they have been. But as it is often the case, man tend to forget history which is why history will often repeat itself. As the journey of life begins to get busy and rowdy, lots of human philosophies begin to crop up. Out of confusion and the quest to attain a supposedly more exciting life, some men begin to counter the very principles that have brought them thus far. Questioning things like going for soul wining as a way of seeking God's kingdom first, tithing our increases, giving of special offerings otherwise called sacrifices and the likes of that, with the opinion that it means working for our salvation which ought to be free is uncalled for because God is no author of confusion. If following the cloud of God's presence has been our practice, it would be difficult for us to begin to deny and challenge the very principles of life that have brought us thus far. Relating my discourse to the Israelites' kind of journey through the wilderness as recorded in the Bible book of Numbers chapter 9 verse 15 to 23 from which the theme of my discourse, Following The Cloud, is coined; 1. Every man has a starting point in life and is headed somewhere, just like the Israelites leaving Egypt to the Promised Land. 2. The Hebrews (Israelites) were led under Moses to follow the cloud of God's presence in their journey. 3. Kicking against the leading of the cloud is choosing to live longer in the wilderness, with little hope of ever reaching the Promised Land. 4. Moses as God's chosen leader is to help guide the people in following the cloud of God's presence. Challenging him means risking ever reaching the Promised Land, just like some of the Hebrews never reached the Land of Promise. God taught me many years ago that whenever I see a "David", which meant a man anointed or chosen by God, never oppose him, rather, cooperate with him in every way possible. Challenging the teachings of the man God has set over you is like imitating those men who opposed the leading of Moses and as a result wasted away in the wilderness. It is wiser to be who God has called us to be, either a barber, a nurse, a builder, a teacher/lecturer, an engineer, a solicitor, a farmer (feeder of nations), a writer or whatever the case may be; following the cloud of God's presence, however it leads per time. I preach. I teach. I learn. THE END.


When an aircraft takes off from an airport, the pilot flying it must ensure he stays in contact with the men in the control tower at the airport for him to be able to navigate the aircraft safely to its destination. Failure to maintain communication with the nearest control tower at each point of the journey will only result in disaster. In the same vane, a driver embarking on a journey must first of all have a destination or else he will keep driving around town with no arrival because he has no idea of where he is going. A wise man once thought and said, "If you don't know where you are going, anywhere may look like it." It is expedient for anyone embarking on a serious journey to have a clear picture or idea of his destination and this demands a clear step by step movement. In the business of daily living, I want to first recognise the fact that human beings have a divine origin because we were all created by God. God is our maker and manufacturer. And like every other manufacturer God is in a better position to give guidelines and instructions on how His product should be used. Challenging proven principles of life such as the idea some ministries have in the area of soul winning, tithing, giving of special offerings in the church and the likes of that is tantamount to questioning the manufacturer's guidelines and instructions. Failure to follow the manufacturer's guidelines and instructions on how to use his product is like a pilot refusing to follow instructions from the control tower and the only possible result of that is a crash. In subsequent sections of this discourse I shall use the storyline of the Israelites' movement from Egypt to the Promised Land to illustrate the importance of having a destination, following guidelines and instructions to be able to make the most of life's opportunities and as well reach our destination in good shape and good time. ... To be continued. I preach. I teach. I learn.